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Michelle Amy Photography, LLC (MAP) is based in Monmouth County, New Jersey. MAP specializes in newborn, family, maternity and engagement portraiture. 


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Piper- In-Home Lifestyle Photo Session- Monmouth County NJ

Michelle Mullins

Hi reader! Thank you for visiting. Now, I know you are here to see the pictures and like you, I am guilty of skipping over the photographer’s writing and going straight to the pictures, BUT I love writing and this family deserves a little introduction. Well, they deserve more than what I could write in a few sentences, but I know you’re here to see beautiful Piper and her parents, so I won’t make you wait too long.

Piper, named after the Sandpiper bird, is the miracle of years of trying to conceive and ultimately fertility treatments. Piper and her parents are amazing, courageous and seriously strong people. At only 22 weeks, Piper made it known that she would be making her grand entrance soon. Now, if you know anything about human gestation and when it is suitable for a baby to be born and survive, then you know 22 weeks is too early. Clever little Piper knew to stick it out inside mommy for just a few more days so she could have that chance, even only a 3% chance, to survive. So, at 23 weeks, Piper made her way Earthside. This was only the start to a long, scary, stressful, at times boring but in the end, beautiful journey through the NICU. She was born in October and came home at the end of February. She had to go home on oxygen, as her lungs were not strong enough to allow her to breathe on her own, but now at 6 months Earthside, 2.5months adjusted, she is able to have periods of no supplemental oxygen!

Mommy Cassady was looking for a photographer to come to their house to take pictures of their sweet little family. My friends thought of me and shared my name with her. I am SO happy they did. Their story really touched me and I feel so lucky to know them and to be able to document this time for them. Piper is beautiful both with her nasal cannula and without, but it was super sweet to see her adorable face just as it is, without any tubing or obstructions. Congratulations Bobby and Cassady! I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness with your incredible baby girl. Again, you deserve more than what I can write in praises, but I would now like everyone to scroll through these images of this amazing family and send them ALL the love.

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