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Michelle Amy Photography, LLC (MAP) is based in Monmouth County, New Jersey. MAP specializes in newborn, family, maternity and engagement portraiture. 


Monmouth County New Jersey Newborn and Family Lifestyle Portrait Photographer

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Jenn- Maternity Portrait Session- Monmouth County New Jersey

Michelle Mullins

Me- "Raina, what do you think the baby is going to be, a boy or girl?"

Raina- replies shyly- "I don't know" 

Jenn- "What is your other answer?"

Raina- "It doesn't matter, as long as it's healthy"

*And I melted*

I was so happy when Jenn emailed me asking me to do their maternity and newborn pictures. Keith has been working with my husband for a number of years and when we were pregnant with our little girl, they invited us over to their home to talk about "crunchy" parenting and parenting in general. Jenn taught me about cloth diapering and slings, among other things. I could tell at the time they were both feeling nostalgic and ready for another little one. Fast forward almost a year later and they are soon to be parents again! We decided on Holmdel Park for their shoot, which also happens to be where they had their wedding photos done. Sweet Raina was my little assistant choosing the spots to photograph and helping me pose her mom and dad. She is going to be the best big sister.

Why Me?

Michelle Mullins

Why hire me, a 20 something mother and postpartum nurse to be your PHOTOGRAPHER?!


I am there during the first hours of a mother and baby's first meeting

Those sacred hours

Remember them? They may be a blur

I know the rawness of those hours but also the tenderness

I listen to little hearts and how they steady to their mother's voice and touch

I live and breathe for that connection

The connection between mother and child

The connection of family

Days, weeks, years later, when the roots are deeper, I meet with you and document your ineffable bonds

I give you images to treasure and look back on and say "remember when..."

I document details you may one day forget

Because I know time is fleeting; babies grow into children; children grow into adults

And these transitory periods need to be recorded

That is why you should hire me, a 20 something mother and postpartum nurse to be your photographer. I am living and breathing and aching to remember these moments just like you.