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Michelle Amy Photography, LLC (MAP) is based in Monmouth County, New Jersey. MAP specializes in newborn, family, maternity and engagement portraiture. 

Session Guide



A comprehensive guide to booking a session with Michelle Amy Photography

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Hi! Thank you for inquiring or booking with me! I am Michelle, the sole owner and operator of Michelle Amy Photography. In addition to being a photographer, I am a wife, mother and Registered Nurse. I work on a postpartum floor as a nurse to both mommy and baby. Sometimes I even get to be the one that weighs and measures your baby, or the one who helps you feed your baby for the very first time. I find my career as a nurse compliments my profession as a photographer quite nicely. I’m kind of crunchy and really laid back, which I like to think is reflective in my work. Read on to find out about my style, session offerings, the process of booking and receiving your photos, where to take your photos and how to prepare for your session!


I specialize in newborns and families. As a natural light photographer, I keep my images simple and natural. I am what you would call a “lifestyle photographer.” I will start by guiding you into a pose and then let you unfold. I encourage interaction and want you to show me your personality and the connection within your family.

Lifestyle Family Portrait Monmouth County New Jersey



You have already completed the first part of the booking process by sending me an inquiry! From here, you will review my price list and choose the session type that works for you. We will coordinate a date and I will send you the booking documents, which include a deposit and contract. I require a $75 deposit and a signed contract to officially book a session. If those are not completed, I cannot guarantee the date you desire.

Maternity sessions typically take place from the seventh month of pregnancy and on.

For Fresh 48 Sessions and newborn sessions, it is best to contact me by your seventh month of pregnancy. I recommend scheduling the newborn session in the first 2 weeks of baby’s birth, however they can be up to 2 months after baby is born. I will put your “guess date” on my calendar and await your notification! The actual date will be decided after baby is born.

Fresh 48 sessions, as described in the “Session Types” section below, are within the first 48-72 hours of baby’s birth, so it is important for you to let me know either when you’re in labor headed to the hospital/when your midwife is on her way to your home or within 8 hours of baby’s birth to ensure I have adequate time to prepare.

I request at least 2 weeks notice for any type of session. For busy times, such as in the Fall from September to November, it is best to inquire by August, as weekends fill up fast. I am most flexible during the week.

The AFter:Post-processing & Delivery

You’ve booked, we enjoyed a fun, easy going session and now what? After I leave your home or the location of the session, I will upload your images to my computer where they will be backed up in their original state. From here, I will start to cull the images, weeding out the “bloopers.” I will do this several times and come away with the absolute best quality images from our session. Some images may be repetitive because we all have differing opinions on what is flattering and what is not! I will then get to work on editing them. You can expect your images in 2 weeks or less. Once completed, I will upload the final edited, high-resolution digital images into an online, password protected gallery where you will be able to download the digital files and purchase A La Carte prints. If you decided on a print package, we will discuss the images you would like and I will place the order.



These are some of my favorite sessions! They are a mix of documentary and portrait. We really take our time and capture your family just as you are. These are your keepsakes to look back on when the kids are grown to remember what life looked like when they were newborns, toddlers, adolescents, and so on. Sometimes life’s a little messy and chaotic but more importantly, your life is full of love. They can take place in your home, or they can be an outdoor adventure. For newborns, I do not put baby in an unnatural pose; the most I do is put baby on his or her belly. I will wrap baby in a swaddle for some of the session which keeps baby calm and secure. The whole family can be involved in any of these sessions at no additional cost. These sessions are laid back and can last up to 3 hours.

In Home Lifestyle Newborn Portrait Session Monmouth County New Jersey

Fresh 48

Whether you had a home birth, birth center birth or hospital birth, these sessions take place within 48-72 hours of baby’s arrival. Or as close to that time frame as possible. I am happy to travel to wherever you are located. Newborns change every single day, so these sessions are to really capture those first few days of baby’s life. Not everyone wants to have pictures of baby after going through such a grand journey, but if you’re like me, you want to remember everything. Many people will do a Fresh 48 and then a week or two later, do an in-home newborn session. Some people will do just the Fresh 48. We can structure it in any way you would like. The focus can be on just baby or include the whole family. All family members are included at no additional cost. These sessions last up to an hour.

In Hospital Fresh 48 Newborn Session Jersey Shore Medical Center


Portrait sessions are great for an updated family portrait, maternity portraits, first birthday/cake-smash, engagement or other special occasion portraits. While still “lifestyle” these focus more on your family looking at the camera. They are still laid back, but more fast paced than a Storytelling session. These sessions are an hour in length.

Family Lifestyle Portrait Little Silver New Jersey


Mini sessions occur two or three times a year at a location of my choosing. They are perfect for holiday cards, baby announcements, or family portraits on a budget. They are only 20 minutes in length.

Holiday Mini Session Family Portrait Wall New Jersey


I leave the decision of the location up to you. I do not have a studio so, all shoots are done on-site. Newborn sessions are typically done in and around your home. I have plenty of suggestions if needed!

Outdoor sessions can occur any time of year. The best time to shoot outdoors is during the “Golden Hour” which is the hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset. This is not always possible, so if we need to schedule it during a different time, we will choose a location that has shade such a park with trees or an urban setting with buildings. The county parks require permits and require adequate notice, so that is something to consider when choosing a location.

Maternity Lifestyle Portrait Session Ocean Grove New Jersey

Indoor sessions are done when the light is best in your home or the location of our choosing. I tend to book indoor sessions anywhere from 10am - 1pm. The most important factor is the direction of the windows.

In Home Lifestyle Newborn Portrait Session Somerset County New Jerse


outdoor session

  • If you have kids, bring snacks, toys, layered clothes and blankets for the colder months

  • Speaking of blankets, bring a blanket for sitting on

  • Bring wipes to clean little faces

  • If you want to incorporate props, please bring them along

    indoor session

  • Open up all blinds/curtains/shades/window coverings to allow all of the natural light in

  • Light a candle, diffuse your favorite essential oils, put on some music, pour a coffee or tea, arrange fresh flowers- whatever helps to make you comfortable and relaxed

  • If you’re planning a newborn session, keep the house toasty warm (warmer than you normally would; this helps keep baby comfortable and sleepier)

  • Have any outfits or special items you’d like photographed handy

  • Try to have kids or baby fed about a half an hour before I arrive, unless you want to document meal/feeding time

  • Newborn/Storytelling sessions allow time for breaks, which we will use if needed

Lifestyle Family and Newborn Photographer Michelle Amy Photography


Ladies- General rules

  • Go For: florals, solid colors such as white, cream, Earth tones, chambray, flannel, simple patterns

  • Avoid: black or dark colors (these tend to show fuzz, fur and hair), busy, intricate patterns, bright colors, logos, monograms (unless they play a role in the shoot; like “Mama Bird”)

  • Long dresses, like maxi dresses, as opposed to knee length, are more flattering for pictures. I take sitting pictures in addition to standing

  • Flowy dresses work best for postpartum (unless you’re rocking a killer body after baby, then feel free to wear something more fitted)

  • Shorts in the summer are acceptable if you are going for a more casual look

  • Clean jeans or solid colored leggings

  • Layers are always flattering; sweaters with with texture such as a cable knit

  • Depending on the location, heels if you’re fancy, otherwise flats, boots, sandles. Indoor either clean shoes or barefoot; no socks

Gentlemen- General rules

  • Go For: solid colors such as white, cream, Earth tones, flannel, denim, simple patterns, button down, Polo style shirts

  • Avoid: black or dark colors (these tend to show fuzz, fur and hair), busy, intricate patterns, bright colors, logos, monograms (unless they play a role in the shoot; like “Papa Bear”)

  • Textured sweaters or pull overs like cable knit

  • Clean jeans or khakis

  • Pleated shorts, flat front shorts, Bermuda shorts

  • Clean shoes or sandles

  • Indoor clean shoes or barefoot; no socks


  • Same general rules as above

  • Appropriate length dresses

  • You may allow your child to be expressive; bursts of color and patterns are not always best for pictures, but these are your pictures and memories, so use your judgement when allowing your child to pick out an outfit


  • Keep it really simple, the focus is on the baby

  • White or neutral colors

  • If possible, dress newborns in clothes that can be easily removed such as onsies or shirts with a zipper or snaps


  • You don’t need to all wear the same colors like a white shirt and jeans, but wear colors that compliment one another and stick to the general rules