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Michelle Amy Photography, LLC (MAP) is based in Monmouth County, New Jersey. MAP specializes in newborn, family, maternity and engagement portraiture. 


Monmouth County New Jersey Newborn and Family Lifestyle Portrait Photographer

Belmar Kites

Michelle Mullins

Every now and then I go out somewhere and think "man, I wish I had my camera with me!" I always promise myself I am not going to ever do that again; I'm always going to have my camera on me. I hardly ever keep that promise and most of the time when I do have my camera on me, nothing exciting happens. Today that finally changed. It was a beautiful morning so I decided I was going to run on the boardwalk thinking nothing special was going on in Belmar and the boards would be relatively empty. I did however decide to bring my camera along just in case I saw something interesting. When I got onto Ocean Ave I saw something that I found a little terrifying, yet intriguing. I parked my car and immediately praised myself for bringing my camera along because what I saw was the most massive kite I have ever seen. Apparently today is the Belmar Kite Festival (click the link to find out more). I immediately ran over and started taking pictures. I only stayed a little while, but I talked to a few people and got some decent shots. Check 'em out!